Composite is the most aesthetic (best looking) available. It bonds to your tooth so we do not need to remove any more tooth than is necessary – just enough to remove the dental decay and allow space for instruments to fill it up. This is an advantage over silver fillings which require a cavity to be shaped in a certain way so that the amalgam stays in. Because of this, placing a white composite filling is often referred to as ‘tooth bonding’ or ‘teeth bonding’. Generally these phrases apply to using the material in a more cosmetic situation instead of crowns and veneers. It can adjust the shape of teeth and change their colour.

How does it work?

Composite comes in a range of shades to match the colour of your tooth. A general dentist will achieve a good result, but there are certain dentists for whom using this material has become an art form. The time taken to complete the fillings depends on size; difficulty, material used and the experience of the dentist, but between twenty minutes for something very simple and an hour for something quite complex could be expected. Procedures can take time, but the results are fantastic.