Stem Cell Therapy

Aging is a natural, inevitable process that affects all of us. With time, our immune system weakens, our memory and energy level decline, our skin becomes drier and thinner, and visible wrinkles and lines start to appear on our face. The process of human aging is highly complex and involves many factors, one of them being the worsening of stem cell function. Our body is made of trillions of cells which are constantly growing, dying and being born. They replenish the tissues and organs in our body, working in concert to keep the body working well. Stem cells are at the root of this process. They simulate cellular regeneration when injury occurs, and supply cells to support normal tissue function. It is safe to say that the reduced function of stem cells is causing our organs to degenerate, and our body to grow older. Stem cell therapy rejuvenates the body from the inside out, helping to reduce organ damage and improve overall wellbeing.

Stem cells are cells that can turn into any desired cell type. They have the ability to divide or renew themselves, and don’t have a specific role. At PHI clinic, we use human mesenchymal stem cells derived from tissue within the umbilical cord in our treatments. These stem cells are undifferentiated stem cells that can develop into skin cells, bone cells and many other specialized cells.

Stem cell therapy can help you:

  • Regain strength & wellness.
  • Repair & regenerate damaged or injured tissues.
  • Reduce the duration of treatment for diseases & injuries.
  • Minimize the effects of aging on the overall human body system.
  • Improve quality of life.

Thanks to their remarkable self-renewal and differentiation capabilities, stem cells promote cell repair while regenerating damaged organs and tissues. Stem cell therapy allows the body to heal tissues which would have otherwise remained permanently damaged. Moreover, it accelerates an otherwise slow healing process.

Stem cell therapy is a research-based treatment that has been shown to be safe and effective. It serves as a natural, non-invasive alternative to surgery (as in the case of joint disorders). In Malaysia, stem cell research and therapy are governed by rules and regulations. You should be wary of stem cell therapies offered without regulatory approval, or clinics that use stem cells of questionable origins. At PHI clinic, we pride ourselves on using ethically sourced stem cells that are obtained legitimately.

The stem cells used at our clinic do not cause immune reactions. That said, some patients may experience minor side effects such as mild fever, minor inflammation, fatigue and tiredness after treatment.

Stem cell therapy is ideal for patients who want to improve their well-being, or simply want to look and feel younger. Despite its immense therapeutic benefits, stem cell is not a miracle cure for everything. It is important to consult a professional when considering stem cell therapy.

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