Testimonial from Deborah Henry of PHI Clinic Malaysia premier beauty aesthetic services

Deborah Henry

“I choose PHI because they understand the philosophy of balance and they understand me. I was struggling to find the right skin care and the right aesthetics doctor – since PHI, my skin has a constant glow, is stable, and the aesthetics team at PHI have addressed all my needs using top treatments and technology. It’s always just right for me.”

Chef Wan

“On January 6th 2018, I turned 60. It’s been a long journey and despite my hectic lifestyle and world travels, I am proud to say a lot of people who have met me for the first time would be surprised of how youthful I look compared to my age. I get these sorts of compliments all the time about how good my skin looks.

I have no one else to thank other than my skin doctor Dr. Angeline and her team at PHI Clinic. I really enjoy being at the clinic as you do get really professional advice and service from the entire aesthetics team. They are never pushy but always advise me the specific kinds of treatment my skin would need. It is a beautiful clinic.. clean and very professional looking with all the latest technology; equipments that help to rejuvenate and restore youthfulness to the skin. A year ago, my wrinkles started appearing everywhere and I had a lot of fine lines. My pores were large and only after all the treatments I have been getting do I now realise how visible all my wrinkles and pores were. My skin used to look tired and my cheeks were droopy. Now everything is lifted again and I can see how much improvement my skin has shown after being with PHI Clinic.”

Ambassador of PHI Clinic Malaysia, Chef Wan
Testimonial from Patricia K of PHI Clinic Malaysia premier beauty aesthetic services

Patricia K

“My experience with PHI clinic so far has been extremely positive. The place is modern, clean and super comfortable. The staff is friendly and kind. The medical advice that I receive are honest and trustworthy. I am not pushed or encouraged to do anything that would compromise my well-being. The main thing is I feel confident and better every time I walk out of there.”

Anna Lim

“I’m 62 years old, and with my hectic schedule and lifestyle, I don’t usually provide personal information about myself or my treatments because it is not easy for me to simply allow people to do any procedures on me. However, after stepping into PHI Clinic 4 years ago, I knew that I have found the right clinic for me.

I have seen tremendous results in skin tightening, fine lines and tummy reduction. My face is brighter, I look younger and feel confident. Most importantly, I feel happy at PHI Clinic and can finally fit into the beautiful dresses that I love. In short, I feel the sincerity, honesty and trust with medical team at the clinic and this means a lot to me.”

Fabiola Lucas

“I’m always looking for innovative ways to give a glow to my skin, and that is how I found PHI Clinic! I was so happy with my skin treatment, that I started with Endermologie. With these deep massages therapy, I have been able to see an amazing change in my body, while also exercising and eating healthier. Endermologie has also contributed to the appearance of the skin on my body, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The medical aesthetics team at the clinic are amazing. The clinic only has the most updated machines and techniques, providing the best results I have ever seen! And they make each visit an enjoyable one… I can’t way to go again and get myself pampered at PHI Clinic!”

David Leo

“Having a knowledgeable medical team provide you with the explanation for each treatment and the consult after checking on your existing conditions is vital in a holistic decision process on what needs to be done. I’ve lost a total of 22kgs, and my skin complexion has improved tremendously. I have only praises for Phi Clinic and its aesthetics team because with their help, I can achieve my weight goals, as well as look and feel better.”

Mr. M

“I am a 45-year-old guy who has sought my fair share of facial and body enhancements for the past few years at several clinics. At the same time, I also had my share of good and bad experiences, complaints and dissatisfactions. While the better clinics tend to slide into complacency after a while, others had deteriorated in the quality of their services or have become too expensive.

I was quite skeptical to look around further till my friend cajoled me to give PHI Clinic a try. I was told that the medical personnel and team at PHI are very nice, honest and attentive. With nothing to lose, I visited PHI Clinic in Bukit Damansara. For my face issues, the Doctor was patient in explaining all the varying treatments and services to me, not pushing the pricey stuff which some clinics do. Rather, she was mindful of my immediate needs and recommended the treatments that would suit me and my specific needs as well as my budget.

What started as a simple procedure had led me to enlist the help of the professional Doctor and her aesthetics team with more treatments which I have grown to love and what I call “weekly pampering sessions”. While some treatments do call for some pain tolerance, the team are quick to detect my fears and knew how to keep me assured and be as comfortable as possible.

The team at PHI makes every effort to foster deeper understanding, bearing in mind the patients’ fears and needs – exploring every potential and limitations beyond their call of duty. That kind of sincerity and genuine interest touches my heart.”

Ms. W

“Quoting the esteemed Doctor’s words.. “slowly but surely”, I wouldn’t have described it any other way. I had a painful and long battle with acne but after a combination of treatments including silk peels, chemical peels and light therapies carefully put together at PHI according to the condition of my skin, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. So grateful for the knowledge and skills of the Doctor and the aesthetics team for their care and professional service. Though I see them more than some of my friends during my time of recovery (definitely not complaining ), they never fail to greet me with a smile.

Curing acne is not a one size fits all regime so if you’re struggling with acne problems and none of the treatments in the market seem to work for you, do give PHI Clinic a try and you might just find YOUR way out of the problem. You’re never alone in this battle so push on because everyone deserves to be and feel beautiful. We might have to get it a harder way but slowly but surely.”